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Mathias Tretter

Not with a bang, but a whimper

Thats globalisation for you: Brits become cooks, and Germans comedians. Not for very much longer, and we will be facing Taliban lapdancers! But, believe it or not, German humour can be as funny as British food yummy. Here comes Mathias Tretter, who is going to show you that Germany has more to contribute to international comedy than just Hitler (who was Austrian, anyway). And the mad hun is even having a shot at it in English!

Tretter has got a masters degree in English Literature, received after, as he puts it, twelve marvellously gleeful years of studying. When it comes to socially accepted idleness, you just can't beat German universities.

However, Tretter did not waste all of his youth on education. Obviously, there were spells of learning
Keine Termine vorhanden.